Butter Cream:

Before we start decorating and I know you’re excited to get started we need to talk about the medium and the medium is buttercream icing there are lots of recipes out there that you’re going to want to try and I encourage you to experiment but the Wilton buttercream icing is great for beginners because number one is delicious and it’s also versatile you can adjust the consistencies for piping and also for ice and cakes making icing is simple so let’s get started I am going to put a half a cup of solid vegetable.

Shortening at my ball and also a half a cup of butter. make a whipped cream the first thing we’re going to do is cream the butter and the shortening on medium speed I’m using a paddle attachment and if you’re using hand mixer use beaters we’re using pure white vegetable shortening because it gives the icing structure and it makes it nice and fluffy. so we’re gonna go ahead and mix this up on the kind of low speed until it’s all incorporated we need to beat the butter.


And the shortening until it’s light and fluffy and I think it looks pretty good now I’m gonna go ahead and add a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract that’s right back on we’re gonna go ahead and incorporate this in think I need to scrape the bowl down a little bit again I just want to make sure that the flavouring is well mixed in in case I haven’t mentioned it we’re using medium speed to mix this together hi one more whirl and then we’re going to start adding our confectioner sugar so I’m going to start adding the confectioner sugar or also known as powdered sugar one cup at a time here I have four cups of confectioner’s sugar.you do want to start this slowly because the powdered sugar can kind of pop up at you and go ahead.and turn this speed up a little bit okay I’m going to add another cup I think I need to lift up my mixer here a little bit and slow you’ll have powdered sugar all over your kitchen if you don’t start this slowly I think it’s time to scrape down the bowl a little bit to make sure that everything is incorporated nicely because I have some powdered sugar that’s sort of


Working itself up and sometimes the powdered sugar will also get sit on the bottom of the bowl so you want to make sure that you’re as you’re scraping it down that you’re making sure that there’s nothing just sitting down there we’re gonna add our last cup of powdered sugar a little bit more in here that I can’t get out with my measuring cup.so I’m is going to pour it in now you’re gonna notice that this icing gets pretty stiff but don’t worry about it because when we add the liquid it’s gonna flop up really nicely.

I’m going to stir it down one more time before we start adding the liquid okay one more little spin here. because I just want to make sure the powdered sugar on the bottom of the bowl is mixed in with the shortening and the butter and I think it looks pretty good it looks like a heck like I have a few scoops of maybe like a tablespoon of powdered sugar here yet so I am going to just add it in I wanna make sure that you don’t waste anything and besides that just a little bit of powdered sugar can make a difference in the consistency of your icing. we’ll talk about that in just a little bit all right.

So it’s time to add the liquid I have two tablespoons of milk here which I’ll be adding to my recipe. but I’m going to add it a little bit at a time because it’s possible I’m not going to need it all turn it up the medium speed so it’s nice and fluffy see how its whipping up and looking really good you could also use water as your liquid but milk has more fat so it makes it more flavorful and creamy I’m going to add a little bit more I’m gonna scrape down my bowl want to make sure that it’s getting mixed in well and also this is going to give me an opportunity to check the consistency and I’m thinking. that it’s about right I may not need to use all that liquid I think these buttercreams have done. but there’s one more thing I wanted to tell you about if you are using a hand mixer you may want to add your liquid a little bit sooner because the icing is pretty stiff and it could exhaust your mixer and we don’t want that to happen so as you are mixing up the icing a


Combination of your butter and your shortening and your powdered sugars if you notice that your mixer is starting to run a little bit slower or sound like it’s struggling you might want to go ahead and start adding your liquid a little bit at a time at that point just realize that after you’ve made the icing it might be just a little bit thin and you might have to add a little bit more.powdered sugar to stiffen it up.

So I think this icing looks really great it looks like about two and a quarter cups of stiff consistency icing which is great for piping but if you plan on piping say like stars or dots or rosettes you’re probably going to need to thin it down a little bit we’ll learn more about that in the buttercream icing consistency video since we used butter and pure vanilla extract. you can see that this icing is just a little bit yellow if you want to make pure white icing that’s really easy to do all you have to do is substitute the half a cup butter with the pure white vegetable shortening.

You can add the butter flavor back in by using a half a teaspoon of clear butter flavor you’ll also want to use a teaspoon clear vanilla flavor versus the pure vanilla extract if you want a nice brilliant white icing just a few other things to keep in mind depending on the weather your icing could actually like crust over a little bit so you’ll always want to keep it covered with plastic wrap when you’re not using it depending on the humidity or the climate in your area you might need to adjust the consistency of your icing if it seems a little bit stiff you can add 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon additional liquid if it’s kind of thin you can add one tablespoon of powdered sugar but just add a little bit at a time if you like an all-butter recipe that’s really easy to do too you just substitute a half a cup of butter for that 1/2 a cup of shortening it’s a really yummy icing but just keep in mind that it’s softer in a more and more fragile and if you have hot hands it might melt a little bit as you’re piping and it also could soften up and melt a little bit more if you’re in a warm room if you think the buttercream icing is just a little bit too sweet.

You can add a pinch of salt to your liquid and make sure you let it dissolve before adding it to your powdered sugar. shortening mixture you can also use salted butter as part of your butter to cut the sweetness a little bit some decorators use popcorn salt because it’s a very fine granule and you can actually just put it directly into your Swiss Meringue Buttercream icing whatever you do just make sure you’re adding a small amount of salt at a time let’s talk about flavorings if you want to go beyond vanilla this recipe is a perfect base for your favorite extracts or flavorings and flavorings to taste but be mindful that it might thin down the consistency of your icing so you could

substitute some of your liquid with your flavoring so you have a few flavor options you can use the clear flavorings which don’t add coloring to your icing and then there are extracts. which are really concentrated and tastes really great and then there are the treat ology flavors which you only need a few drops of and you can actually combine the flavors to make flavors if you have leftover icing after you’ve completed your project you just need to use an airtight container to put it in prior. to refrigerating it or freezing it. you can freeze it for up to six weeks all you have to do is bring it back to room temperature and put it back in your mixer with your paddle attachment and whip it back up to the appropriate consistency got it all in there seal it up and we’re ready to go while this Swiss Meringue Buttercream icing is perfect for icing cakes and piping you’re gonna want to try other icing recipes as well like Swiss meringue buttercream chocolate buttercream peanut butter frosting and even cream cheese icing you can find those recipes and others on


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