Betty Crocker Carrot Cake
Betty Crocker Carrot Cake

I have decided to do some baking I do tend to do baking every so often but the reason I avoid baking or cooking anything nice is that I just tend to eat ill which I know is the thing. I’m cooking today is going in my mouth or maybe my brother’s if he’s a good boy and he’s lucky so what I decided to do is as everywhere I looked and run out of flour. which were any two shops I found the other day and have lost since this country carrot cake mix Betty Crocker it was the only one left.

However, I’m a massive fan of betty crocker carrot’s probably I’d say my favorite betty crocker carrot cake is as seconds and that would be Victoria sponge oh so I decided to make that what I have done and you can put you can make a proper cake. like it shows on the box or you can do cupcakes and I’m going to do

Betty Crocker Carrot Cake
Betty Crocker Carrot Cake


  • cups granulated sugar
  • 4 EGGS
  • 1 cup vegetable oil
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 3 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 2 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup coarsely chopped walnuts
  • 3 cups shredded carrots 

Cream Cheese Frosting

  • 1/5 cup butter
  • 1 package cream cheese
  • 2 to 4 teaspoons milk
  • 4 cups powdered sugar

cupcakes the reason for this is I thought if I make that I potentially fit half of that cake in my mouth at once. I know but if I did them like this then I’m hoping I would only stick to one at a time hmm so I’ve laid out two trays but I don’t know where it’s gonna need two trays I don’t know if it’s gonna make 24 or 12 but I thought well I’ve got it ready then I can do that and I’ve just turned the oven on I’ve got all the ingredients not that you need many ingredients.

But I’ve got them already so it says we need our and another reason I’m using it today is that I’ve got eggs and there’s three left and they run out of date today, so I thought well it’s a good way of using them because I’m not playing to have eggs today.

So I need vegetable oil 105 milliliters sauce all down a minute 200 milliliters of water three medium eggs one tub of Betty Crocker rich cream cheese style icing mmm cream cheese icing that is my absolute fave I think that’s why I don’t like butter icing which is why I think I like betty crocker carrot cake. it’s my favorite and why I like victorious buttons because and it’s Victoria sponge has to have real cream, not butter icing no and then 2 times 8 well-greased cake. cake, tins which I’m gonna do or two regular-sized muffin trays and cupcake pieces which I’m thinking are possible that muffins are just going

Betty Crocker Carrot Cake

on I’ve put it 100 200 mm where does it say on here we have to put it on 260 all that’s a pharmacist in it man’s not a pharmacist. it so I’m gonna go for 180 although it sounds fine assisted it’s none let’s get cooking. as you just thought the mix is done it was really easy I’m not even gonna tell you what I did because it from a fake mix, which is cheating but I will say if I’d have been able to get proper flour. sure that’s ginger genuine hair okay I don’t know any way I’m now looking at how much mix there is quite a lot I’m thinking that probably we will need all 24 of the 24 cakes for me to cook for me to eat even okay now let’s do this into that I’m going to need luck.I wish me to knock and getting this luckily.

Betty Crocker Carrot Cake
Betty Crocker Carrot Cake

I’ve made it in a bowl it’s got a lip so I’m typing I so meet me no no bunny naughty bend it upright and I try to get my own thing in 24 oops leakage. I think I might be putting a bit too much in now we can divvy it up there’s no hard for baking is there huh I’m not cut out for baking guys telling you that now I’ll be surprised if some things on humongous and some a hardly even came some will be that pancakes oops well that’s going to be a conjoined twin oh we’re so close.don’t think we’re going to make it to 24 guys you might need to steal some more of other cupcakes.

Betty Crocker Carrot Cake
Betty Crocker Carrot Cake

let’s see can we make it this might be a small one sorry mom good things come in small packages for the last one my four foot eleven mother always says that I think that is a pretty good job that first one is really full and the last one’s really empty I might move some of that into that we only have one spillage okay to to spillages I’m quite embarrassing myself I don’t wanna impress myself I’ve literally just poured a mix into a bag and shoved it in some muffin cases so I really shouldn’t be that impressed for myself but I am so I’m now gonna put them in the oven and say a little prayer it’s a few minutes later.

I’ve just taken one set out the other button they are looking a bit Brown I mean they’re supposed to now the other ones the poor cousins that are still in the oven needs a little bit more time I think the ones on the lower shelf should I say turn off my loan watch right let’s see pretty good carry we’re now gonna put those on a wire rack.

If I can get one if I’ve got one and leave them to cool and wait for their other brothers to develop the other brothers are out I’m just taking them out the other oven they’re a little bit flatter than the other ones hmm firstborn children second born children I mean I am a second-born child or is it firstborn children second born children.

I think that is purely to do with the support that they this the muffin tray gives them but they actually in color and I don’t know whether you can see that they kind of look is better.I think these are quite brown these do look more betty crocker carrot cake.make whipped cream.II they almost look not done but they are I’m gonna put these on there leave them to cool and then put a little bit of icing on I forgot to show you what happened to the conjoined twins so this is Holly and Hwanhee.

Betty Crocker Carrot Cake
Betty Crocker Carrot Cake

they are conjoined but I think I can operate on them to make them so they’re not they both survived now I might just try because we all know when we have spent hours approximately 18 minutes slaving over a hot oven that we need to try something out so I think I’m gonna get a little bit my icing I maybe put it a little bit on my warm conjoined twins that aren’t conjoined anymore and just try them because I don’t want my brother to come home and try one and they poison him that would be absolutely devastating let’s do that now don’t ever look a knife oh my god these are gonna make me die there’s a weird taste to them. I don’t know whether I like them.

Betty Crocker Carrot Cake
Betty Crocker Carrot Cake

So I think it’s the carrot that’s the problem so if I show you if it will focus so you can see it’s got the carrot in them but it’s not you can tell it came out with a packet I don’t want anyone to worry though I will still shovel them down my gob do not even worry about them I have let them cool down a little bit now and we’ll their proper call and you can see the difference in color hmm so I’m now gonna hurt I don’t know ever took mice them all or to ice them as I eat them decisions I think I’m gonna ice a few now I’m gonna ask them as they eat them, yeah I summer they eat them so that’s the end of my baking really


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