mango graham cake:
mango graham cake:



Mango the best fruit of the summer or it is the father of all the fruits. the mango delights when we eat a slice of the mangoes. cooly and fresh yellowish colors of mangoes give us lots of we made the recipe name as mango graham cake recipe.

The best cake recipe for the summer. everyone who has crazy of the mangoes must be eating the mango cake. today we made the recipe is the best recipe and everyone wants to eat this cake. this cake especially if we Eaton in the breakfast beat all the recipes of the cakes. basically the mango graham cake is a delicious dessert cheesecake is also the best recipe. very delicious and fudgy recipe.

mango graham cake:
mango graham cake:


This recipe of the cake is from the Philippines and so amazing and delicious recipe or food also called the mango float. This is the best summer cake recipe, even in the markets, bakeries mango cake is not made. because if we made the cake with mango accents the cake is not made we use the fresh mangoes with slices and enjoying with a delicious the summer not to be a desire to be eating sweet products.

But this cake is very delicious and be eating if you do not feel good at breakfast time then maybe eating the mango cake. mango graham cake? it is the simple and the refrigerated cake with a block of mango ice. Philippines people very enjoying eating this cake.are you ready to eating the best cake for the summer. wait first I discuss our experience with the previous cake.

mango graham cake:
mango graham cake:

When I made the first mango cake I used the vanilla extract or much sugar in it. the cake was so sweet no one can eat the cake and we waste it. basically the mangoes are also so sweet in taste and I add the sugar much in a cake.the taste of the cake is changed all.the frosting we add in the upper layer of the cake and the slices of the mangoes in the cake look like the cloud floating in the ice.becuase the white cream and yellow slices of the mangoes give freshness.

  • Is graham mango cake is not bake??mango graham cake is first baked and then refrigerate. no cake is made without its baking first we bake the cake and then be refrigerated.the frosting cream on the cake gives us very delighted. if we add the buttercream as well as the cheese cream both in the cake. then it may be heavy so use only one cream I recommend you to use the cheese cream in the cake.because this is light one.

what is the best mangoes for the mango graham cake recipe?

Filipinos are the best mangoes in all the mangoes becuase this is perfectly smoothy and great in in my point of view use this mangoes.

how to cut the mangoes?

mango graham cake:
mango graham cake:

Different peoples can cut the mangoes in different styles. but we have to use in the we have to cut the small cube slices of the mangoes and used in the upper layer means on the top of the let’s discuss the recipe of the mango crepe cake.this is little different recipe in which we add the passion fruit puree. clotted cream, vanilla bean, mango jam also in it. for more add some extra items related to mangoes or cream to add the items.

cut the slices


  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 3_5 condensed milk to taste.
  • flesh from 3-4 ripe mangoes cubed
  • graham cracker
  • 3_4 cups of all-purpose flour
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 to 2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • cheese cream for frosting


  • Using a electric mixer  fitted with the paddle attachment, whip 2 cups of heavy cream on low speed until its become whispi.
  • now drizzle the condensed milk a little at a time.
  • Place the layers of graham crackers in the baking dish.and spread the heavy cheese cream to the upper of the graham crackers.
  • first you mix all the items means flour,eggs,vanilla extract etc.
  • and then ready a cake pan and set the time for the 45 to 60 minutes.
  • now cool the cake for the almost 10 to 15 minutes.
  • now its time for frosting it with a cream as well as mangoes.
  • the slices of the mangoes on the upper of the cake provide the deliciousness.
  • now refrigrate it in 2 hours or may you overnight.

nutrition facts:

Calories: 112kcal,Carbohydrates: 3g Protein: 2gFat: 13gSaturated Fat: 6g Cholesterol: 41mg Sodium: 131mg Potassium: 31mgSugar: 2g Vitamin A: 445iu







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