Banana Milkshake With ice Cream
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Banana Milkshake With ice Cream

Today we’re gonna give you a nice and lovely ice cream and banana smoothie with some milk.

250ml semi-skimmed milk
2scoop vanilla ice cream
3 bananas, chopped
50ml cream, whipped
pinch cinnamon
a few dried banana chips
1 fresh cherry


place all the ingredients such as milk,bananas,vanilla ice cream,cream.blend it in a juicer until its serve it with pinch cinnamon.

Basically I have some double wrap one on a right here and I mean and I said to myself the only thing is to make my dreams sure to find them what we can do when you come to double ripe banana Simoni look at these guys.

Banana Milkshake With ice Cream

Banana Milkshake With ice Cream

I got roughly I’m more specific tool and that’s tree is gonna make for five fingers of banana going inside of it that beautiful sacrament a nice love good chunk a spoon  up another ice cream.

I’m using the flavor ice cream guys wishes funella we’re gonna put some milk inside of it just like this this is the Narmada.

We do it on the carbon genes channel very easy simple and effective what we’ll do now you wanna blend this rough about three second you have to have a good Brenda to do this kind of doing guys – it’s three second all right nice I love this.

I know that is finished and said to the chief saikhan you have to have a nice lovely good blender to make such a nice block that punch.


Banana Milkshake With ice Cream

I this it’s basically this is finished right here mmm really nice simple easy a favorite youBanana Milkshake With ice Cream guys and I’m telling you you will love this one as I can see one loss double right banana ice cream and milk guys enjoy my recipe.

This is just a beautiful simple drink I double right but on a drink and hopefully we can come out with better and best for the future.

So as you can see five fingers of a banana and two last spoon of ice cream and we use in front of the ice cream and some milk and blend it down have a nice lovely healthy breakfast in general recipe and see you next time.


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Nutrition: per serving
Nutrient Unit
kcal 723
fat 40g
saturates 24g
carbs 74g
sugars 62g
fibre 5g
protein 14g
salt 0.5g


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