Bacon and Eggs Ice Cream

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Bacon And Eggs Ice Cream

Today as we make a bacon and eggs ice cream okay to start off with I’ve got a pot here on the stove on high.


6 Rashers of bacon
100g unsalted butter
1 1/4 full cream milk
350g caster sugar
1 Vanilla bean
12 egg yokes
600ml thickened cream/or whipping cream
Now we’re gonna put in 6 rashers of bacon of just finely chopped up and about 100 grams of unsalted butter.
So we’re gonna stir this for a good 10 minutes so all the bacon is blackened up or just till it’s starting to stick on the bottom of the pot.
So the reason why we’re gonna cook water cooking this Atilla is close to black is because bacon is naturally very salty.
Bacon and  Eggs Ice Cream
So when you when you overcook the bacon when you make it when it starts to get close to burning and with the added butter.
Bacon And Eggs Ice Cream
What that’s gonna do is it’s going to transform at all more of a sweeter taste.
so most of the salt taste will go nan-oh just just be a much nicer sweeter taste.
Which would be perfect for this ice cream ok so as you consider bacon small cuts will take off there we don’t know who cooker obviously with all of the black charcoal.
Bacon And Eggs Ice Cream
Now because it’s really attached too soft to the bottom of this pot I’ve got another pot heat it then I’ll preheat it on another element of medium.
I’ll turn the temperature down the medium all the way and just transfer that’s straight in to a fresh pot.
Now so now we’re gonna add in one and a quarter liters of milk make sure this is full cream milk.
I can’t stress that enough and that we got 350 grams of caster sugar then tie we got the seeds of one vanilla bean. Bacon Egg And Cheese ICEecream is also very yummy recipe.
Bacon And Eggs Ice Cream
Hey just checking the rest of the bedont blades as well but make sure you DC them first those vanilla beans are they’re very intense flavor and they will trust me it’ll make a hell of a difference okay.
Bacon And Eggs Ice Cream
So we’re gonna bring this to a simmer and we gotta let it simmer stirring occasionally just for for about a good ten minutes.
So that’ll really infuse all that bacon vanilla sugar taste right into the milk and I would have bought the 12a goats.
Bacon and  Eggs Ice Cream
Bacon And Eggs Ice Cream
Now I want you to give it a very very good whisk just I was completely broken off okay I’ve had this on a low simmer for ten minutes.
Now now grabbing your  yolk mix just pour it in as you’re stirring it around just do it slowly.
We put our put au Rhum pour it all at once if it touches the bottom it’ll start to foam like an egg yolk you don’t really want that so just pour it in slowly as you stir the pot okay in the sink.
Bacon And Eggs Ice Cream
I’ve got some cold water which I’ve also filled with ice and I’ve got the bowl here with a sieve on top so what we’re gonna do now is just very carefully sift the mixture into the bowl.
Okay once it’s all see-through don’t let the city for about now huh give it a good half now just to cool down completely.
now that the mixture is cooled down we’re gonna whip up six hundred mils of thickened cream and we’re gonna whip this up at all soft big star point.
Bacon And Eggs Ice Cream
Okay this is what I made myself picks when you raise it up yes you’ve actually forms a peak for what the mixer was so that’s exactly how you want it okay.
Now with the cream mixture I just want you to place its into the bowl out with your bacon mixture and we’re just going to fold it through just till it’s nice and combined.
Bacon and  Eggs Ice Cream
Bacon And Eggs Ice Cream
Now this technique is called pave base again saves you from using a expensive icecream churner and it makes the icecream it helps the ox can come out nice and fluffy now.
It’s just a matter of pouring it into a dish just like so now the reason a Brit dish here and which ones.
I cook because as you can see it’s pretty much exactly the right size okay, once done we’re gonna place this into the freezer.
Bacon And Eggs Ice Cream
Firm yeah but fair way overnight but let’s say about four or five hours should do a perfect.
okay sorry this in the freezer for a few hours now notice till you touch its pre hobbits looking fantastic.
Now I really want to give this a try Hansol – that is it you can taste the hints of bacon eggs and that cream Daleks.
that’s actually pretty damn good trust me don’t knock it unless you try it it’s actually not too bad it’s got a very distinct taste but it’s like it’s good.
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